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Mica Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Mica Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a registered private limited company with its operations across East Africa. We have a highly stable financial capacity which enables us to service orders of up to USD 1 000 000.
We are a world class registered limited distributor of human drugs, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, surgical dressings and medical consumables with quality uncompromising.
To be a world class distributor of and one stop shop for human drugs, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and apparatus, medical consumables and surgical dressings with quality uncompromised while offering total health solutions.
To be the partner of choice to all our clients in all the markets in which we do business enabled by providing a direct link with international healthcare providers.
The Mica Pharmaceuticals Ltd management and staff have their loyalty dedicated to all their clients and guests, to serve them above their expectations.


Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the products and services that we offer.


Mica Pharmaceuticals has highly qualified staff that understands their clients needs and maximise on their satisfaction.

Staff Motivation

Our staff are the most valuable resource of  this organisation. they are therefore held with high esteem as they are entrusted with a critical task of handling our customers to ensure their satisfaction.


We maintain the highest standards of transparency at all levels of business operations.Most importantly, the law is upheld in this company as can be seen by our compliance with various statutory requirements.
10+Years of Exprience
10kHappy Clients
100kProducts Supplied